Workshop    Train your oral speech and presentation skills


Führungskräfte, Beamte des höheren und gehobenen Dienstes und vergleichbare Beschäftigte


Gute bis sehr gute Englischkenntnisse, da der Workshop in englischer Sprache durchgeführt wird


Die Teilnehmenden kennen nach diesem Training die Regeln für professionelles
Präsentieren in englischer Sprache.

Anyone can give a good presentation, even if you are not naturally extrovert and English
is not your mother tongue. Effective preparation, a logical structure, language adjusted
to your ability - and good practise can be the keys to success. This workshop
provides these essential elements, useful tools, practical training and many individual
tips on preparing and delivering successful oral presentations in English.

Key Aspects:
- Preparation & planning
- Writing for speaking: The "Staircase Method”
- Structure of your presentation/speech
- Wording & rhetorical elements
- Create interest in your topic
- Address interfaces with your audience
- Maintain a relationship with your audience
- Enhance your individual body language
- Use your voice: pronunciation, affirmation, speed and pauses
- Overcome nervousness & language barriers
- Spontaneous reaction to questions or disturbances

All exercises can be video-taped and you can get group and trainer feedback.

Please also bring your own topics and 3-5 individual PowerPoint slides if available.

Anne Jones
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23.11. - 24.11.2021
Frau Wydra

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